Sports Rehabilitation

September 4, 2018

Sports rehabilitation often confuses people in what it means.  It has many different meanings depending on who you talk to and what their specialty is in.  I want to explain what it means to us in our office and how we apply it to every single one of our patients.  Don’t dismiss “sports rehabilitation” by […]

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Common Running Injuries

June 27, 2018

This blog we are going to talk about common running injuries that we see in our office on a regular basis.  We are going to cover what the injury is, preventative tips, and treatment.  These are merely tips that are meant to help you and educate you.  As always, if you think there maybe something […]

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Chiropractic Adjustment–what is it?

April 2, 2018

In this blog, I’ll try to answer the questions that I often receive as a chiropractor: what am I adjusting and how do I know what to adjust?  Our goal is to educate everyone who reads this and to have an understanding of why we adjust.  Sometimes people are afraid of being adjusted; but why […]

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Sciatica–who, what, where, when, why, and how can we help?

February 15, 2018

Who:  People of all ages often come in complaining of sciatic pain; it’s the current “buzz word” that many people know.  Pain down the leg(s) does not automatically mean that this is true sciatica.  There are many different considerations of what it could be.  Can leg pain or true sciatica be treated?  Most of the […]

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One Person at A Time

January 8, 2018

I struggle with what to write. What do people want to learn about?  Will they read it?  Does anyone really care what I have to say?  If one person reads this and it helps them, I’ll call it a success.  Afterall, I can help change one person at a time right?  In my mind,  yes.  […]

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Posture in the Workplace

September 5, 2017

Proper posture while at work….where do you begin?                  You often hear some people say, “Oh, I hurt myself at the gym” or “I can’t do that because it will bother my back” but have you ever heard anyone saying, “I hurt my back while sitting at my desk”?  Think about it where do […]

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Low Back Pain – What does it mean?

April 10, 2017

Low back pain is something that almost everyone at some point in their lives has experienced or knows someone that has dealt with it. It starts as the typical, “I tweaked my back, I’ll be back to normal in a few days” or “I moved the wrong way, it’ll be fine”. Often you work the […]

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Who are we?

April 1, 2017
Drs. Tyler and Michelle Rickelman are the chiropractors and owners of Created For Motion. Originally we met in Fall of 2007 at SIUe but didn’t start to get to know each other until Spring of 2009. June 2015 we were married in Quincy. We love being able to work with each other every day. Often [...] Read More